Bat Removal & Bat Control

When you’re in need of a local bat removal professional,  we are the area leader in bat removal and bat exclusion. We guarantee all of our work and all bat removal services carry a 2 year warranty. We remove bats at an affordable price while still delivering top notch service. We employ proven bat removal techniques to exclude bats humanely and offer bat removal services throughout the country. Please watch our bat removal video (see below) to help better understand the how the process works.

When considering a bat control professional, it is important to choose a bat removal control company that inspects the attic, roof line, soffits, gable vents and chimney for any possible bat colonies or bat guano that might of accumulated on the insulation. Our experienced bat removal technicians will help guide you through the bat removal process while humanely removing bats from the attic. We’ll demonstrate our vast knowledge of bats, while using our bat exclusion expertise to provide the best long term solution for your bat removal needs.

Bat Removal Services

  • Bat Inspections
  • Bat Removal
  • Bat Guano Cleanup & Disinfectant
  • Bat Exclusion

There are many types of bat removal from the attic products that can be purchased over the internet. These products could potentially put homeowners in harms way by forcing bats into a living space. This could lead to exposure of diseases such as histoplasmosis capsulatum and rabies. These diseases can be fatal and it should be left up to a trained bat removal expert to exclude bats from all homes and commercial buildings.

For your bat removal and other wildlife control needs call PCA Wildlife at (704) 377-2847 or (864) 412-3200


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