Squirrel Wildlife Control

Squirrel Wildlife Control

Squirrel Wildlife ControlSquirrel Control in Charlotte North Carolina is a very common problem that many homeowners experience and should be handled by a professional squirrel control expert. We offer an attic inspection for Squirrel control in Charlotte and communities throughout Mecklenburg County including the Lake Norman Area, Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, Mooresville (Iredell County) and Denver NC (Lincoln and Catawba Counties). Squirrels are listed by the state of North Carolina as a nuisance animal and this problem is not something the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control will handle. When you are dealing with control of squirrels you need to hire a squirrel control catcher with the appropriate license.

The squirrel control company you hire must be registered with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Control. When performing any type of controlling of squirrels whether it is humane live squirrel control or using euthanasia squirrel control, the wildlife squirrel control agent is required to fill out a Wildlife Squirrel Control Agent Form. The form is a State Permit to Destroy or Control Squirrels Injurious to Agriculture or Personal Property. Squirrel Control is legal at all times of the year but it is highly recommended that you use a squirrel control professional. Some of the types of squirrels that often require a squirrel control company from Charlotte are the Eastern gray squirrels, flying squirrels and rock squirrels.

All these squirrels have proven to be a nuisance wildlife control issue in and around the Charlotte North Carolina area. Some of the squirrel control calls that the Mecklenburg Animal Control deals with on a daily basis include: squirrel control, squirrel pest control, squirrels control, controlling squirrels, control of squirrels, squirrel control in the attic, squirrel control companies, squirrel control repellent, squirrel control deterrents, questions on how to control squirrels, squirrel control exclusion, dead squirrel control, emergency squirrel control and 24 Hour 7 Days a week control for squirrels.

These are all squirrel control problems that are a common for Charlotte squirrel control exterminator and one of the most common calls we get throughout the year in our Charlotte North Carolina office. Some of the situations that we find to be very common in Charlotte are people hearing noises in the attic and residential homeowners needing a Charlotte squirrel control in the chimney. We also receive calls from people wanting to hire an squirrel control company for Squirrel exclusion to replace boards under shingles on their home caused by squirrel damage.

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