Getting Rid of Squirrels Mooresville NC

Getting Rid of Squirrels Mooresville NC

How to get rid of squirrels in Mooresville NC.The Eastern Gray Squirrel also known as the “Sciurus carolinensi” is one of the most familiar mammals in the eastern United States. Gray squirrels are extremely aggressive and in some parts of Europe have caused the extinction of smaller species of squirrels. Noises that gray squirrel make are a chuck, chuck, or quay quay usually heard coming from high atop the trees. They also can be heard making cat-like meows, screetching or a chattering noise with their front inscisors.

Gray squirrels are mainly are arboreal, meaning that they spend most of the time in bushes and trees. Eastern gray squirrels are also seen on the ground during the fall and winter. Oftern they feed on acorns, nuts, flowers, seeds. Bird feeders in the backyards of homes are a prime target for gray squirrels to score a meal. Gray squirrels will hide caches of nuts each individually in the winter just below the surface and then retrieve them in the spring season.

Their nest usually consist of twigs, leaves, plant material and are normally built on tree limbs or hollowed out trees. In some cases squirrels will nest in the attic of homes.Getting Rid of Squirrels in Mooresville North Carolina becomes problematic once they have gained access into the attic. After an easter gray squirrel has recognized your attic as a place of refuge, it will always come back to either create a nursery to have babies or a nesting area to keep warm over the winter.

The most effective method to get rid of squirrels in Mooresville NC is to first determine the entry point and in some instances entry points. Once you have figured this part of the puzzle you are one step further to getting rid of the squirrels in your Mooresville home. To get rid of the squirrels in Mooresville NC you should place the cage on the roof or in the gutter about five inches from the entry point. Make sure you have a long enough ladder and make sure you use extreme caution when attempting a job like this. Once the cage is in place, peanut butter needs to be placed on the front of the cage to get their attention. The second placement should be on the trip pan. The final placement should go in the back of the trap to have a higher probabilty of getting rid of squirrels in Mooresville North Carolina.

If you not prepared to get rid of squirrels, contact a local Mooresville NC Animal Removal Company or you can call 704-777-8003 if you have any squirrel removal control questions.