Wildlife Removal Charlotte NC

Wildlife Removal Charlotte NC

Wildlife Removal Charlotte NCWildlife Removal Charlotte NC is a full-service animal wildlife removal company located in Charlotte NC. We perform Wildlife Removal in CharlotteNorth Carolina and surrounding areas in the Lake Norman Area and communities throughout Mecklenburg County North Carolina. We specialize in wildlife removal and control of nuisance animals. Some of the most common calls for wildlife removal in Charlotte are bats, beavers, raccoons, skunks, snakes, opossum, squirrels, muskrats, and nutria. Wildlife Control Charlotte NC is closely regulated by Mecklenburg County and the state of North Carolina to ensure humane and proper treatment of the wildlife animals removed.

Before you hire any wildlife removal Charlotte NC company, you should check to make sure they have the proper documentation. Items such as proper insurance and license are necessary to perform work at your Charlotte home. If you are in need of any cat and dog problems you would need to contact Mecklenburg County Animal Care & Control. We are a wildlife removal Charlotte NC service and only handle animal problems in residential and commercial settings. At Wildlife Removal Charlotte NC we specialize in removing animals and wildlife from attics and properties.

The first step of wildlife removal is to determine the access point, remove the wildlife from the attic using humane live trapping methods and then the entry point is blocked with galvanized steel. The entry point is then primed and painted for aesthetic purposes. Some wildlife control companies might use aluminum or wood but these products can be compromised by wildlife such as raccoon and squirrels. When we remove wildlife from your house we give a five year warranty that the wildlife will not return to your home.

A large portion of wildlife removal is done through exclusion methods such as sealing gable vents, soffit junctions, ridge vents, construction gaps in the gutter, gaps around dormer windows, bathroom fans and roof attic fans. By sealing up not only the active entry points but also sealing up the potential future entry points will ensure the safety of your home. By using Wildlife Removal Charlotte NC we ensure that we use the most humane wildlife removal methods to get rid of animals Permanently.

For your wildlife control and wildlife removal needs in North Carolina and South Carolina, call PCA Wildlife at (704) 777-8003.