Rotten Wood Fascia Squirrel Damage

Rotten Wood Fascia Squirrel Damage

One of the most vulnerable areas on a home, especially to squirrel damage, is the fascia board. This is the board that is where the gutters attach to. Most homes in this area use the cheapest material which is pine. If there is water present for an extended period of time this wood will begin to rot. In most cases of wood rot on the fascia board is a result of a roofing error or the gutters a clogging. Once the wood rot has set in, it will create a hole that gives animals’ easy access into the attic.

We recommend using a composite board that is water resistant and will last the entire lifetime of the home. If you have squirrels that are using the rotten fascia/soffit as an entry, it is best to seal the area with custom cut galvanized steel. Aluminum flashing is not recommended because squirrels can chew through it.

The custom cut galvanized steel should be attached using screws. Nails are an option but because nails can pop out over time this could potentially allow moisture to reenter the wood where the nail hole is. A screw with a neoprene washer is best to protect the wood. Once the fascia board has been covered with metal or replaced the area need to be primed, painted and all small gaps should be sealed up silicone caulking.

Rotten Wood Fascia

Facia damage where squirrels have chewed through wood rotted pine facia board.

Construction of custom bent galvanized steel

Construction of custom bent galvanized steel form fitted to snuggly cover all holes. Screwed in place and siliconed where metal meets shingles and soffit vent.

Primed Custom Steel Cover

Custom steel cover primed with proper primer and prepared for matching home paint (supplied by home owner).

Finished Squirrel-proof Soffit

Finished squirrel-proof soffit!