Squirrel Removal Raleigh NC

Squirrel Removal Raleigh NC

Squirrel Removal Raleigh NC

Squirrel Hole in Fascia Board – Raleigh, NC

Squirrel Removal Raleigh NC is a very common nuisance wildlife problem that homeowners deal with in the fall and springtime. Most of the Raleigh Squirrels in the attic calls that Wake County Animal Control receive are given to a professional squirrel removal company located in Raleigh. Some of the services that a Raleigh Squirrel Removal expert offers on a regular basis include squirrel trapping, using squirrel one way doors, removing squirrels from the eaves, squirrel exclusion, electrical repair from squirrels chewing on the wires, removing squirrel nesting material in attic, dead squirrel removal, removing contaminated attic insulation, and sanitizing areas squirrel droppings have accumulated in the attic.

Squirrels in the attic are the most common service call we get at Squirrel Removal Raleigh. Other examples of service calls include squirrels running back and forth in the attic, squirrels chewing the plastic away exposing the copper wires, squirrels living in the walls, squirrels in attic gable vents, squirrels nesting in chimney and squirrels living in the gutters.

Since the grey squirrel is a type of rodent, their incisors are constantly growing. This creates an environment where the squirrels chew on any object to keep their teeth filed down. In the outdoors, grey squirrels chew on tree bark, sticks and other hard objects. In the attic, they chew on electrical wires, roof joists, exposed fascia boards, soffits and electrical fixtures.

Squirrels can also wear down your insulation by pushing it down, which prevents the insulation from keeping your house warm in the winter time. If this occurs you need to remove contaminated insulation and replace with new fiberglass insulation. Their urine and feces will also collect in your insulation. If you hear chewing or scratching in your attic it is imperative that you pick up the phone and call a Raleigh NC squirrel control specialist.

Additional services we offer are attic restoration, tree limb trimming, electrical repair, wood repair, insulation removal and installing fresh new energy efficient insulation. Rid your home of all rodents such as gray squirrels, roof rats, norway rats, mice and flying squirrels.

For your wildlife control and wildlife removal needs in North Carolina and South Carolina, call PCA Wildlife at (704) 777-8003.