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Stinging Insect Control

Wasp Nest Removal

PCA Wildlife offers stinging insect control which includes honey bees, paper wasps, hornets, carpenter bees, yellow jackets and cicada killers. For each type of stinging insect there is a different method of removal. These  include mechanical, structural and chemical applications. Different problems that homeowners may encounter are bees getting in the house, yellow jackets in the ground, cicada killers burrowing in the ground, wasp nest on the house, wasps in the attic, carpenter bees in the siding, hornets nest in near your home and a higher presence of wasps or dirt daubers near the house. No  matter what type of situation you have encountered we are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to solve any problem in a cost effective eco-friendly solution. For our bee removal services please call today to schedule a free no hassle estimate!!

For your bee, wasp and hornet removal/ control needs, call PCA Wildlife at (704) 377-2847 or (864) 412-3200.