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Critter Removal

critter-removalCharlotte Critter Removal deals with the removal of wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, flying squirrels, opossum, raccoons, birds and rodents such as roof rats and mice. Most damage from critters in the attic, are a results of squirrels chewing on wires, rats chewing on wires and attic insulation that has been contaminated with animal urine and or has animal feces.

When such problems as rats in the crawl space or squirrels in the attic arise, it is best to contact an experienced Charlotte Critter Removal specialist. Also if the copper wiring has been exposed by critters chewing the plastic wiring it is best to use a BBB accredited wildlife company that is licensed and insured. In many crawl space cleanups the plastic vapor barrier needs to be replaced because of the sanitation hazards from rat droppings and urine smell.

Another critter removal problem that is common to this area is flying squirrels in attic. Flying squirrels are one of the toughest wildlife and animal removal problems to eliminate. The problem with flying squirrels is that they are a little bit bigger than a regular house mouse so they can enter the attic through a hole the size of a quarter. If all the gaps such as builders gaps, construction gaps, soffit junction gaps, roofline gaps, gable vents, attic fan vents, bathroom fan vents on the side of the side of the house are not sealed properly then the problem will go unsolved. The easy part is trapping and removing the flying squirrels. The difficult part is the task of sealing up every little nook and cranny on the roof. This requires tall ladders, getting on the roof, safety harnesses and using a scissor lift to reach areas that are inaccessible.

Getting rid of squirrels in attic is probably one of the easier tasks for Critter Removal in Charlotte NC. The key is to squirrel removal and squirrel control is finding the main entry point. Grey squirrels are very simple minded creatures that have a brain the size of a pea. Also they usually will follow a very strict routine regarding when and where the squirrels getting in the attic. The times you hear them is around daybreak and before dark as they are heading in from a hard day’s work. If you are hearing noises in the attic from the hours 11pm to 5am most likely it is a nocturnal animal such as a flying squirrel, rat or a mouse.

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