PCA Wildlife Testimonials

We had a squirrel in our attic that was building a nest. I called James and he was able to come out the next day and take a look. Within a day, he had caught the squirrel. Following that, he was able to seal all of the gable vents in order to prevent any other animals from entering our home. James was very professional and his prices were fair. I would highly recommend this company for anyone who needs pest removal.

Larry S

I have been using PCA Wildlife since they opened and I could not recommend them more. I have been having squirrels and bats trying to take over my house and PCA Wildlife put the best defenses and traps for me at the most competitive price in the market (believe me,I checked)…. Now I am using them to spray around my house and keeps spiders and insects away without harming my dog or kids…very pleased with the friendly service.

Ashok Vangal

I had some mice get in my garage and they were able to catch them and seal all the holes up at a fair price.

Juan Seta

Professional and prompt service. James (owner) is very knowledgeable and gives best possible solution for any pest control problems.

Sandeep P.

I had a squirrel get into the attic above my garage. I contacted several companies and PCA Wildlife was the first to answer my call. They came out that same day and set a trap. The next day the squirrel was in the trap and my problem was solved. Honest and Great Service!

Google User

Great squirrel removal service that I would recommend. I had squirrels in the attic and they were able to remove the squirrels in a timely fashion. Also, very prompt customer service.

Google User

I called several squirrel removal companies and they had the best prices. Also they seemed like the most knowledgeable. I was glad I used them. They were able to get of the army of squirrels in the attic.

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I had bats in attic that were getting in through my gable vents. They were able to remove them humanely and remove the bat droppings in the attic. Also they had great customer service.


Had a squirrel dig inot the attic and start a nest. Called a few places but Keith at General responded asap. He came out assessed the situation, found out where the entry points were and all at a fair price.
I highly recommend Keith. Hones, professional and a wealth of knowledge.

John G

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