How Do I Have Squirrels in my Attic?

How to Remove Squirrels in my Attic

Squirrel Exterminator Charlotte NCOne of the most common nuisance wildlife questions we receive from homeowners is “how do I have squirrels  in my attic?” This leaves many homeowners baffled and asking the questions how did I get squirrels in my attic. Grey squirrels are rodents and have a brain the size of a pea. Don’t worry this is not some kind of conspiracy or calculated attack that has been planned by these furry little critters. There is actual biological and psychological aspects to an infestation of squirrels in the attic.

Squirrels enter the attic for a two simple reasons. The first is to create a nursery for their young. One misconception is the female is the first to enter the attic which is not true. It is actually the male that creates the access point for the female to enter and set up her nursery. There are several theories as to why this occurs, but we do know this is the process. Once the female has started nesting she will not allow any visitors. In this case a homeowner is only dealing with just the female squirrel actually nesting in the attic.

Once the female has her young she will nurse them for 12-15 weeks before they go off on their own. A typical litter of grey squirrels ranges from 3-5. So if the female squirrel has given birth already in the attic the problem has now grown exponentially. Not only are you dealing with more squirrels in the attic but these squirrels will imprint on the attic from their urine, feces and oils from their fur. This will give them clues to return again in the future when the timing is right. This would be a learned behavior.

The second reason for squirrels getting in the attic is for refuge. Whether they are seeking shelter from predators, climate changes or just nesting in a warm dry area this behavior stems from the previous factor. Once they have learned about nesting in an attic and all of the amenities they will always exhibit this behavior throughout the rest of their lifetime. Because of these known behavior it is imperative that the house be sealed thoroughly by a wildlife professional. There is no guarantee that the squirrels return but if the proper squirrel removal methods are taken it will decrease the chance of re-infestation drastically.

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